It seems absurd to willingly forfeit Wi-Fi on vacation when it’s second nature to pick up your phone when you want to connect with the world. We get it. Now allow us to explain why unplugging and passing on the cruise Wi-Fi package can yield many benefits.

Discover New Interests

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The internet has the ability to command your attention for hours on end, leading you into the most bizarre corners. Before you know it, it’s midnight and you’re laughing at cat videos on YouTube, learning how to maximize space in the ultra modern tiny homes of Austin when you actually live in a three story home, and dissecting movie fan theories. Since the daily programming on cruise ships are created to entertain a wide range of people, there are a myriad of activities to engage in, encouraging passengers to connect with one another and discover new hobbies.

For young cruisers below 17, youth programs offer exciting age-appropriate activities like hands-on science experiments, themed scavenger hunts and sports tournaments. And for the adults, live cooking demos, towel animal folding classes and relaxing spa sessions beckon you to drop your mobile and engage in the activity.

Save Your Cash

The privilege to surf the web on a cruise comes at an exorbitant price, and access to the internet on a week-long or 10-day itinerary can easily add up. Royal Caribbean ships offer a basic Surf package for passengers to browse the web and respond to emails at a price of $12.99 per device per day, and a Surf & Stream package for passengers to stream movies and make video calls for $17.99 per device per day.

Passing on the Wi-Fi package means the extra funds can now be dedicated toward a richer cruise experience by investing in unique port excursions like ziplining through the treetop canopies of Belize. You can also connect to free Wi-Fi during your explorations in your ports of call at public libraries, cafes or restaurants if you absolutely need to see what's happening in the world.

Be Present

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Cruises are designed to induce pure bliss, allowing you to escape the frenzy of life on shore and have staff take care of your needs. By leaving Wi-Fi at your departure port, you can declutter your mind and recharge mentally in undisturbed peace. Passing on the Wi-Fi package also encourages you to embrace and focus on your surroundings. Instead of engaging in your morning routine of reaching for your mobile on the nightstand and clearing your inbox while laying in bed, peel back the curtains of your stateroom and observe the vast sea, spotting diving whales and roaming grizzlies.

Build People Skills

If you’re cruising alone, you may be tempted to dine or lounge poolside with your phone. But forgoing Wi-Fi encourages you to hone your people skills by connecting with passengers over your meal, or by learning about your ports of call the traditional way — through word of mouth. Interacting with passengers who have visited these destinations before can reveal information on sights to see or activities to participate in. Or round up a few new friends and attend destination lectures.