Cruises are a great way to experience multiple cities during one trip. This is why cruising is the ideal way to see any region of Europe. Let the cruise line take care of the itinerary as you sit back and enjoy the view while traveling to the next exciting port.

With countless itineraries boasting a variety of cities and excursions, see why Europe is the perfect place to book your next cruise.

Unique Ports of Call

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There is something for everyone at European cruise ports. Depending on the region, ports of call can vary from small, secluded islands to big, bustling cities. An itinerary through Northern Europe is perfect for those who aren’t interested in a tropical cruise and would rather see some breathtaking views of the icy water of the North Sea. Norwegian Cruise Line offers an amazing 12-day cruise down the coast of Norway, stopping at glaciers, mountains and old Viking ports.

If Northern Europe sounds too chilly, try a cruise through Italy and the Greek Isles on Celebrity Cruises. This highly-rated cruise itinerary allows travelers to visit multiple stunning areas during one trip.

Delicious Cuisine

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Not only are guests treated to fine dining aboard the ship, but in Europe, the amazing food selection continues at the ports. Imagine cruising through Europe and stopping at prime restaurants in France and Italy. Such itineraries are available from a wide variety of cruise lines, like the 7-night Spanish Isles and Florence cruise from Seabourn. Seabourn Cruise Line was also ranked as the best cruise line in Europe by U.S. World News & Report.

With so many opportunities for romantic dining, it is no wonder that European cruises are among the most popular for couples. Imagine visiting some of the most beautiful cities in the world for your honeymoon or anniversary celebration.

Variety of Culture in a Single Trip

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European cruises offer a wide variety of itineraries — maybe the most out of any other region in the world. Due to the close proximity of countries, travelers are able to enjoy different cultures’ food, history, architecture and much more during one trip.

Europe isn’t just for adults — Disney Cruise Line offers a few European options, including Mediterranean itineraries to Spain, Italy and France. The Disney Magic cruise travels through Northern Europe to Estonia, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and more. This is a great way to teach children about other cultures without the stress of traveling between multiple countries, not to mention the incredible amenities aboard a Disney Cruise Line ship.

Endless Itinerary Choices

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There are about 200 cruise ports all over Europe, allowing travelers to go almost anywhere. With all of these options, it might be difficult to pick just one cruise. The wonderful thing about having so many options is that it feels like your cruise is customized just for you. With so many cruise lines, you can surely find the perfect combination of ports and excursions to make your ideal vacation.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for at a major cruise line, there are plenty of smaller cruise lines with very happy customers. Many (but not all) European cruises will have an itinerary of either Northern Europe and Western Europe or Western Europe and the Mediterranean, but Azamara Cruises offers an amazing 15-night cruise that takes travelers from London all the way to Barcelona. There really is an itinerary for everyone.

Unforgettable Shore Excursions

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Whether you’re a history fanatic, outdoor adventurer or wine connoisseur, the shore excursions in Europe do not disappoint. Go wine tasting in Dubrovnik, Croatia, after driving up its picturesque coast, or a hike up an active volcano in Greece followed by a boat ride to thermal springs. These cruise lines make it easy, with transportation to and from your ship and a guide throughout your journey.

For the adventurous, a day-long excursion in Italy to the Amalfi Coast and the Pompeii ruins is available from Norwegian Cruise Lines, allowing travelers to see two UNESCO World Heritage Sites in one day. Museums in Spain, cave diving in Greece, cycling in Northern Ireland — there isn’t much that these cruise lines haven’t thought of.