How would you like to sail from one continent to another in complete luxury and get a fantastic deal to boot? A repo cruise, or "repositioning cruise," could be exactly what you're looking for. Read on to find out exactly what a repo cruise is and if there is one just right for you.

What Is a Repo Cruise?

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A repositioning cruise happens at the end of the cruising season (either the fall or spring) when the ship is transitioning from one home port to another. If you are up for an extended vacation then a repo cruise may be just right for you since they are usually transoceanic cruises or ones that pass through the Panama Canal. The catch is that the trip is one-way. That means you will have to find your way home at the end of your journey.

Why Are Repo Cruises so Cheap?

Cruise lines want to offset the cost of “repositioning" the ship, and they know that offering discounted fares is a way to recoup some of that money. How cheap are repo cruises? Many packages will send you sailing across the sea for less than $50 a day.

If you worry that your experience will not be as amazing as that of a full-price cruise package — don’t. Repositioning cruises are not boring, cut-rate cruises that scale back on the lavish features that are the hallmarks of luxury cruise lines. You will still have access to all the extravagant amenities like four-course meals, Broadway-style entertainment and on-shore adventures. A hidden perk is that repo cruises hit ports that the cruise line does not usually visit. That means you will find port itineraries that you won’t be able to visit on other cruises.

Is a Repo Cruise Right for Me?

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Repo cruises require a bit of planning to pull it off. Travel dates are not flexible and have been scheduled far in advance. These deals are only available at certain times of the year.

You also need to have the time on your hands to make the extended trip. Digital nomads and retirees flock to repo cruises as a way to see the world on a budget. Also, prices are based on double occupancy, so you will need a travel buddy to get the best prices. If you are looking for an adventure, have the time and are flexible then a repo cruise may be just right for you.

Repo Cruise Routes and Timing

Since ships reposition themselves in the spring and fall, you will need to understand where they are headed and when to catch the best deal to your dream destination. Cruise lines reposition ships from the East Coast of the U.S. to the Mediterranean in the late spring to hit the high season. In the fall, they travel back to Florida for the warm winter months. The fall is the best time to catch a cruise from Alaska and the West Coast to Asia and the South Pacific.

How Do I Find My Perfect Repo Cruise?

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Once you have decided that a repo cruise is right for you and you have picked your final destination, will just need to find that amazing deal. To get you the best deal, there are many cruise line websites and travel agencies that can help you book your voyage. Sign up for Cruise On to receive deals directly in your inbox, or search through a site like The Cruise Web if you know exactly what you're looking for.