For many people, Richard Branson's Virgin brand is synonymous with fun and maybe just a bit of excessiveness. Its very first cruise ship is no exception. After conquering the skies with Virgin Airlines, Virgin is now taking to the sea with a new type of cruise ship that is scheduled to set sail in 2020. Here is everything you need to know about Virgin's first cruise ship before it changes cruising as we know it forever.

It’s a Cruise Ship for People Who Don't Like Cruises

Credit: Virgin Voyages

Virgin Voyages' first cruise ship, Scarlet Lady, isn't a ship for kids or those who aren't up for a little bit of fun. Children are not allowed on this adults-only cruise, which features tattoo parlors, spas and other amenities, and the main focus of the trip is to party like a rockstar. In fact, aboard the Scarlet Lady, no one is referred to as a "passenger." Instead, they are called "RockStar sailors," which helps to add to the rock and roll vibe of the ship as a whole. So you can forget about scheduled dining times and that stereotypical cruise ship buffet. On this cruise, the main focus is letting loose.

It Has 78 Luxury Suites

Credit: Virgin Voyages

The Scarlet Lady is the height of luxury, with 78 "RockStar Suites" for passengers to book. These are located on the 15th deck of the ship, and also include 15 "Mega RockStar Suites," which are divided even further into three other levels of luxuriousness: Fab, Posh and Gorgeous. RockStar sailors can also visit a music room that is stocked with instruments and equipment.

The Luxury Doesn't Stop There

RockStar sailors can treat themselves to a private terrace with a standing hot tub, where they can look out over the sea as they cruise along. For those passengers who are looking to feel a bit naughty, there are even open-air "Peek-a-View" showers that look out onto the water. No request is off-limits, and the rooms are full of amenities that are sure "to satisfy even the most diva-like of requests." Guests (even the ones who are not in the RockStar Suites) can also visit the outdoor lounge on the top of the ship as well as several other outdoor clubs and recreational areas. At night, guests can take advantage of an all-night spa parties with mud rooms, therapeutic pools and other celebrity-style treatments.

Even the Food Is Exciting

Credit: Virgin Voyages

As I mentioned before, buffet-style dining and scheduled meals have been nixed on the Scarlet Lady in favor of 20 various drinking and dining options, including one that the brand describes as "a theatrical take on steak and seafood." There is also a "Test Kitchen," where guests can participate in the making of their own dinner, and a lively Korean barbecue restaurant called Geonbae, which is reportedly run by the "loudest servers at sea," who challenge passengers to drinking games while they eat. Best of all, the cost of the food is included in the ticket price, with no markups like those seen on other cruise lines.

It Has a Futuristic Design

The Scarlet Lady is said to be around 278 meters long and 38 meters wide, and weighs about 110,000 gross tons. It will feature 1,430 cabins that can hold around 2,770 passengers and the 1,160 crew members who will attend to their needs. The outside of the ship will be a silver-gray color with the familiar red Virgin streaks and smoked windows, while the inside will have a futuristic look featuring blue hues and silver tones that will make you feel like you are riding on one of Virgin's planned spacecrafts.

How to Become a RockStar Sailor

Credit: Virgin Voyages

If you're ready for this level of luxury, the Scarlet Lady sets sail from Miami and heads for the Caribbean in 2020, with two more ships planned to follow in 2021 and 2022. Virgin Voyages opened for booking on February 14, 2019, so if you want to book a RockStar Suite, you should check it out as soon as possible!