When many of us go on vacation, we want to feel pampered, taken care of and relaxed. Fortunately, there are entire cruise lines devoted to giving you just that feeling, all day, every day. They literally ferry you away from any worries you may have, distract you with truly decadent amenities and make you wish you didn’t have to go back.

There are lots of options for your luxury cruise, but here are the three highest-ranked lines by U.S. News and World Report. The crème de la crème, if you will. If you can afford it, you can’t go wrong with one of these.

Seabourn Cruise Line

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Meet five cruise ships that travel to all seven continents, though you may not want to get off once you make it to your destination. Every suite has sweeping ocean views. There’s more than one staff person per suite on the ships, including a personal suite stewardess there to take care of anything you need.

Activities include early morning yoga on the deck, massages and spa treatments and a chance to lounge by the pool or watch a movie from the comfort of your room.

Seabourn cruises are known for their lectures from experts in all different fields, so you can keep your mind active from paradise. And if you’re looking for something a little more active, try the nine-hole golf course or the casino.

Plus, all food, drink and tipping, plus a lot of the on-board activities, are included in the price. Take it from one reviewer: “From the time we first boarded until our final disembark it was amazing. … Our room was simply gorgeous! Large walk-in closet, fresh fruit and juice daily, extremely clean and comfortable and very spacious.”

Viking Cruises

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If you’re looking for a really good experience on and off the boat, a Viking Cruise may be the one for you. They offer a full range of river and ocean trips that go all around the world, and make it a point to make sure you fully experience whichever new culture or locale you’re checking out.

Everything on these cruises is about immersing yourself in a new culture, thanks to the excursions at every port. On-board historians and lecturers help you learn more, and destination-focused dining introduces you to the cuisines of the new place you’re going. Plus, they call themselves the “small ship experts” — the ships still hold 900 passengers each, but they can dock in ports that can’t accommodate larger ships, and stay there for longer. So you can spend more time on dry land in Norway, Venice, Sydney, South Africa, St. Petersburg… you know, wherever.

“This was our first cruise with Viking and will not be our last,” wrote one reviewer. “The service, food, guided tours, programs, and overall attention to detail were excellent. We opted to spend two extra nights in Budapest, and Viking put us and others up in the Intercontinental, a wonderful and perfectly situated hotel. Viking had a desk in the hotel that was staffed during the day to take care of us. We cannot speak more highly of this cruise and would give more than 5 stars if possible.”

Crystal Cruises

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Crystal Cruises only has two ocean ships in their fleet, and in this case less is more. These cruises are highly customizable, and the staff is known to work with you to make your trip the best it can be when you get to your destination. Want to stay in your destination for longer? That can be arranged. Want to organize a trip that’s off the beaten path? They can help with that.

This ship tends to be more kid-friendly than some luxury lines, but that doesn’t mean it’s not lavish and pampering for adult passengers too — they have unparalleled service and cuisine, and entertainment options like a movie theater and Broadway-style shows. Plus, no lack of fitness, enrichment or wellness activities.

“From the moment we boarded the ship, we were pampered as never before,” said one happy cruiser. “Every person working onboard greeted us every time we walked past them. The food and drink (all inclusive) were fantastic. It included the best meats, fish and fowl we ever tasted. When they say ‘all inclusive’ that’s exactly what they mean.”