Cruise ships are generally designed to offer travelers all they could ever desire from a top-notch vacation. That means there's plenty to do on the ship. So much so, in fact, that you may want to consider staying on board when you arrive at a port of call. Here’s a list showcasing some of the joys of staying aboard your ship at port.

Save on Spa Services

Credit: Gino Santa Maria/Shutterstock

Many cruise lines offer deep discounts on their spa services during port days to attract cruisers who aren’t disembarking for the day. For example, some ships offer buy one, get one deals or up to 40 percent off regular pricing.

Spa fans should check with their cruise line to see what port promotions they offer or visit the ship’s spa on port day for their daily specials.

Enjoy the Pool, Waterslide and Hot Tubs Without the Crowds

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Mingling and people watching can be serious fun. But trying to actually enjoy a cruise ship’s aquatics facilities can be a claustrophobic, loud and potentially unhygienic experience.

On port days, however, you are usually king or queen of the pool, which means being able to actually swim and do a few laps. Other perks of being pool royalty include getting to go down the waterslide as many times as you like and never waiting for a private hot tub.

You Won't Wait for an Open Lounger

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We’ve all been there. The alarm goes off at 6 a.m. and you and your traveling partner bicker over who will head to the pool deck to secure a set of loungers for the day with a towel or shirt.

But on port day there’s generally plenty of open loungers, which means no waking up early or having to shoot someone the stink-eye for a spot in the sun. So staying aboard on port day is a good option for those looking to spend some time simply lounging in the sun.

Enjoy Lunch Without the Lines

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On port days you can generally skip the lunch — and sometimes breakfast — buffet lines.

For those who love speciality restaurants, staying in on port day may also offer that one chance to eat in the best restaurants on the ship. Depending on the ship and cruise line, some speciality restaurants even offer special food and drink promotions on port days.

You'll Get the R & R You Crave

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At some point in every trip you hit your wall. Somewhere between all those back-to-back ports your exhaustion becomes frustration and you feel run down.

That’s precisely the time to stay aboard your ship at port. Without the scores of people cruise ships can be extremely peaceful. And without all the lines you can spend more time resting and relaxing instead of waiting. In many cases this also means getting to sleep in and enjoy a late breakfast.

Speedy Drink Service

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Everyone hates waiting in line at the bar or desperately trying to catch the eye of a passing server.

On port day the lines at the bar disappear and there’s almost always plenty of free, friendly servers waiting to take your order. So if you have a drinks package, staying aboard your ship on port day could finally offer you that chance to feel like you’re truly get your money’s worth.