Shouldn't vacation mean a little pampering? If you're enjoying a cruise, don't you want to feel like the most important person on the ship? You want butler service, personal care and the VIP treatment. Luckily, there are many cruise packages that will give you exactly the pampering you need.

Luxury Cruise Lines

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There are many cruise lines that provide an all-inclusive luxury experience. Personal services and complete pampering are included with your spacious cabin, gourmet food and top-shelf wine and spirits. The ships themselves may be large or small, so you can choose the experience you want. In either option, the ships are stuffed with restaurants, amenities and gorgeously appointed decor everywhere you look. Crystal Cruises, Regent Seven Seas, Silversea and Seabourn Cruise Line are among the lines that provide all-inclusive, high-end cruising experiences.

A La Carte Cruising

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Some luxury cruise lines do offer a la carte services, so you can pick and choose your experience. You get the high-end beauty and personalized services, and you get to choose everything you want to do and enjoy while you're on the ship. Cruise lines including Oceania Cruises, Viking Ocean Cruises and Azamara Club Cruises provide a la carte cruising so you can custom design every aspect of your luxury vacation.

Mainstream Luxury

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Some of the more well-known names in cruising offer luxury experiences as well. Royal Caribbean and Celebrity both provide Suite Class cruising, so you can get the full cruising experience with a mainstream cruise line and still get the VIP treatment you know you deserve. You'll get access to the suite complexes and luxury areas that other passengers don't get to see.

When you're booking a cruise, ask about butler service. Many cruises offer this, so anyone can have a VIP experience on just about any cruise. Your butler is there to provide constant assistance and give you that royal treatment.

Luxury Ships

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Some cruise lines specialize in luxury. The menus are full of caviar, lobster, escargot and delicacies from around the world. Chandeliers made with hand-blown glass hang from the ceilings. Expensive art covers the walls. Norwegian Cruise Line has an extremely attentive wait staff and a slew of amenities. Soak in a bathtub made of Carrara marble when you aren't enjoying all the activities and offerings on board.

Book a trip on a SeaDream yacht to live the rich life whenever you like. You'll get individual attention the entire time you're here. These cruises are designed to have 95 staff members to serve a maximum of 112 guests, which means you will get an exceptional level of service. The staff members have very little to do other than to see to your needs, which is truly the royal treatment.