Certain cruise lines have been adorning ships with towel origami for many years now, and they’re getting ever more creative with their designs. Towel animals delight passengers, especially the younger ones, and there seems no end to the animals that can be made. Take a look at some of the most creative towel animals we’ve come across.


Credit: @carnival

Some of these towel animals are so adorable you could just gobble them up. Points for details on this guy. He’s got a perfectly wobbly snood and a perky fantail. You might have to set sail on a Carnival ship around Thanksgiving to catch him, however.


Credit: @norwegiancruiseline

You’ll be hopping all over the place when you see this cute rabbit towel lounging on your bed. The little fella looks pretty relaxed, he was probably fast asleep, but those perky ears suggest he’s heard you come in the door. The clever design uses the corners of the towels to make the cute bunny ears, and stick-on button eyes bring it to life.


Credit: @carnival

Guess who’s hanging out on the deck? One of our favorite designs, the monkey breaks free from the sunbeds and is swinging from the railings. It has to take some clever twisting and rolling to make sure it doesn’t fall apart.


Credit: @sj.journeys

Sure to be your new best friend, this floppy-eared dog is too good to unwrap. There’s no way you’ll miss a notice in your room when it’s perched up against a canine creation like this one. You won’t lose your sunglasses either, as he can hang onto those for you.


Credit: @momendeavors

There’s a reason they call it a bask of crocodiles; these guys just love to laze around in the sun. They may have a reputation for being snappy, but these life-size crocodile creations look like they’re having far too much fun. They must be made from at least 10 pool towels each. Bonus points for the impressive octopus in the background.


Credit: @norwegiancruiseline

What better way to receive a couple of delicious chocolates than on the top of your very own towel-elephant. We love how detailed his trunk is, especially considering some consider an elephant with its trunk up a sign of good luck.