Cruises are expensive, with some trips rising as high as five digits — and in many cases, they aren’t getting cheaper. According to TravelPulse, cruise lines have begun raising the costs of gratuities, drink packages and other elements of the trip.

For some specific cruise locations, though, the price of travel is actually falling. Here are four cruise destinations that are quickly becoming cheaper.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

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Dubrovnik is a big tourist destination — so big, in fact, that a “Respect the City” plan was implemented in 2017 to limit the number of cruise ship tourists. Croatia has its own currency (the kuna) even though the country is now part of the European Union, and the exchange rate is fairly drastic, working out in favor of travelers from other countries. Royal Caribbean regularly offers voyages that include a stop in Dubrovnik; the best choice is the seven-night Adriatic and Italy Cruise that goes from Venice, Italy, to Barcelona, Spain, stopping in Dubrovnik (and other ports) in-between. The cruise starts at $758 for an interior cabin — a considerably low price to visit some equally affordable cities.

Florence, Italy

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Looking to take a cruise that ends in Florence? You’re in luck — plane tickets in and out of Florence have seen a huge drop in price from 2018 to 2019. According to Thrillist, the median booking price for plane tickets was $2,251 in 2018 but is now $992, equaling a 56% drop in price. Italian cruises themselves aren’t too expensive, either. Norwegian Cruise Line is offering a 10-night Greek Isles and Italy cruise starting at $999. Florence is the second-to-last stop on the voyage, so if you want to take advantage of those cheap flights and get off of the ship early, feel free.


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“Zanzibar is quickly becoming a hot tourist destination for 2019, and a lot of that is on the back of it being a fairly cheap place to travel, yet it still comes with world heritage sites,” says The Travel. Food in Zanzibar is inexpensive, ferries and attractions are inexpensive and — most importantly — cruises themselves are fairly inexpensive. Most cruises that stop in Zanzibar last for longer than a week, so the price might seem expensive at first glance. But you’re getting a once-in-a-lifetime experience for your money. Try the Silversea Cruise 14-night voyage that runs from Mombasa to Cape Town, hitting nine ports and five countries.

New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.A.

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It's fairly inexpensive to travel to New Orleans. With Carnival’s large selection of Caribbean cruises that leave from the city, you can save money both upfront and all through your trip. Explore the French Quarter and stop by Cafe Du Monde for beignets before making your way to the ship. The Carnival Dream, the Carnival Glory and the Carnival Valor all offer cruises that include New Orleans. The Valor, for instance, has a cruise that starts in Texas and goes to New Orleans — and many of these four-night cruises start at just $259.