The cruise industry is always changing, with new ships cruising to new destinations all the time. There is always an improvement being rolled out, and new technologies and features to tested. Here are four cruise trends about to set sail in 2019.

The Spa Experience

Credit: Katie May Boyle/Shutterstock

Every year, the State of the Cruise Industry Outlook report is released, predicting what will be trending in cruises for that year. For 2019, the report says that travelers are looking for "total restoration," or a way to just completely wash away the stress and responsibilities from their daily lives. They want rejuvenation. They want relaxation. They want a brand new start once they get off the ship. For this reason, spas, healthy foods, workout rooms and oxygen bars are going to be very hot this season.

LOTS of Instagram Posts

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According to that same report, there are nearly 351 million posts on Instagram per day that include "#travel." In order to keep these Instagrammers happy, most cruise ships will emphasize connectivity with paid or free Wi-FI options and the best signal possible. Cruise directors want passengers to post photos of not just the beautiful destinations they visit, but also their experience on the ship. Expect things to look more glamorous and luxurious than ever on cruise ships, so that they can be #instagramworthy.

Adult Cruises

Credit: Oleksii Kondratiev/Shutterstock

Many cruises are designed for families (or at least have activities for both adults and children alike), but according to Cruise Critic, 2019 is seeing the industry move away from this. Cruise lines like Viking Ocean and Virgin Voyages are introducing cruises that are only for people 18 and older, and other new ships like the Celebrity Edge and the Norwegian Bliss still have children's areas, but they are out of sight on the ship's lower levels. Other new ships — especially those with a higher price tag — are investing in public spaces that are more "adult," in the interest of providing an exclusive, more mature experience at sea.

Smart Tech

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Last but not least on our list of 2019 cruise trends is technology. In the interest of keeping up with the times and giving passengers the most sophisticated and impressive experience possible, many cruise ships are handing out keychains, bracelets and necklaces with some smart tech built in. These devices can unlock your stateroom, connect to your credit card and more. Smart televisions, touch-screens and remote-controlled thermostats will be on hand as well, allowing you to easily control everything around you with just a word or a light tap of your finger.