Global warming is having a huge impact on our planet. The sad fact of the matter is that many places, among the most beautiful in the world, are in danger of disappearing if changes aren't made. Here are five cruise destinations to visit before they disappear forever.

The Great Barrier Reef

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The Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest and most striking coral reef system and attracts almost two million tourists each year. Sadly, it is under a double threat from climate change. As the ocean temperature and acidity continue to rise, the reef’s very existence is at risk of extinction and, at current rates, within the next few decades. There really is no time like the present if you want the opportunity to see, swim and snorkel among a living masterpiece. Book a small cruise with an environmentally responsible provider and set off on a magical island-hopping adventure before it’s too late.

Venice, Italy

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Italy's floating city has been at risk of flooding for many years now. Another victim of sea level rise, many scientists are uncertain as to how long Venice can stay afloat. The buildings are slowly sinking into the Adriatic Sea, their foundations are becoming weaker, and with sea levels continuing to rise, there doesn’t seem much hope. What’s more, the dredging requirements for large cruise ships have taken their toll on the environment and the bigger ships are now being restricted. It’s time to sail to Venice and experience the romance of the city and the Grand Canal before it’s too late.

The Maldives

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The Maldives is a tropical nation of ring-shaped atolls renowned for its coral islands, extensive reefs and blue lagoons. Another paradise in peril, the low-lying Maldives is a nation at risk if sea levels continue to rise. In fact, if levels continue to rise at the current rate, the popular cruise destination could disappear by the end of the century. To experience the watery paradise of impossibly blue waters and the nation’s incredible marine life before it’s too late, it’s time to cruise to the Maldives.

Kiribati, Micronesia

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Kiribati, a Pacific idyll in the Pacific ocean, is a vast spread of islands popular with nature lovers and fishing enthusiasts. Fanning Island, with its pristine beaches, is one of the most idyllic cruise destinations you could wish for. The threat of sea level rise in Kiribati is no joke, however; the president has confirmed the inevitability of the situation and residents are already being shipped off to New Zealand. To visit paradise and meet the welcoming locals while they are still there, you will need to plan a trip soon.


Credit: Vadim Nefedoff/Shutterstock

Antarctica is an isolated continent, offering striking untouched landscapes at every turn and sightings of some of the most incredible animals in the world. Due to global warming, the frozen continent is thawing and, while it will be some time before it disappears entirely, it may not be long until it changes drastically. In an effort to reduce the impact of tourism on the environment, bigger cruise ships have already been restricted from the straits. It’s time to book on an eco-friendly cruise while you still have the chance to see immense ice shelves, incredible mountain ranges and get up close and personal with the resident penguins.