In this day and age, nobody should miss out on a spectacular cruise vacation due to accessibility issues. In fact, traveling on a swanky ship should be an experience all of us who love pampering get to enjoy at some point. Here are the best wheelchair accessible cruise ships to consider next time you want to set sail.

Royal Caribbean’s Oasis Class

Credit: Marina113/iStock

All Royal Caribbean ships have ramps, automatic doors and wide corridors for wheelchairs to turn. The Oasis class is especially great for people with mobility issues because it’s huge, so anybody with a walker, wheelchair or cane will have lots of extra space to move around freely.

The Oasis Class is also friendly to the visually impaired, and Braille is found next to every sign to make sure all guests feel safe and have a fun experience aboard the ship.

Disney Cruise Line’s Dream Class

Credit: DraganSaponjic/iStock

Disney cruises are always popular with families with disabled children. What sets them apart is their crew of counselors who have experience dealing with children who have all sorts of impairments.

Besides, the Dream Class has cabins, facilities and resources adapted to people with special needs. For example, when making a reservation, it’s possible to ask for a cabin with automatic doors and a bigger bathroom for anybody in the group who may need assistance.

A special feature about this ship is that it docks in Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay, which has paved pathways on the main promenade. This makes it easier for people on wheelchairs or scooters to explore.

Norwegian Cruise Line’s Norwegian Epic

Credit: Alexandre Tziripouloff/iStock

Traveling from Barcelona to Rome, the Norwegian Epic is one of the newer ships in the cruise line’s fleet.

Cabins have wide doors and bathrooms for seamless accessibility. Guests with motor or hearing disabilities can make use of remotes and switches right by their pillows.

Celebrity Cruises’ Solstice

Celebrity Cruises’ ships have also developed an excellent infrastructure in response to guests with special needs. Above all, these cruises are especially friendly to travelers in wheelchairs.

For example, one of the best features about the Solstice is that it offers wheelchair elevator access from the cruise to shore and vice versa. There are also elevators at the swimming pools, and this particular ship even has a whirlpool. At the casino, handicapped guests can enjoy card tables tailored to them.

Pullmantur Cruises’ Sovereign

Credit: Catalin Daniel Ciolca/iStock

Hailing from Spain, this company prides itself on developing the latest cruises for people with disabilities. The Sovereign’s guests sail through France, Italy and Spain with a crew that is completely trained to take care of their requests. Service dogs are welcome, and even have a special area to play aboard the ship.

The Sovereign is especially caring of its guests who are visually impaired, for they make sure that Braille is accessible in each area of the ship. Guests also notice that typography throughout the ship is bigger and clearer to create a welcoming environment for everybody aboard.