In 2019, cruise the edges of the United States to see the country like never before. These five cruises offer a wide selection of destinations across the country and its territories. Climb on board one of these five luxurious ships for a relaxing way to explore the States, no matter the time of year.

Alaska With Viking Cruises

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Visit Alaska in the lap of luxury on board Viking Cruises' Alaska and the Inside Passage. Explore some of the most popular sites and cities including Sitka and Juneau. Stop in Ketchikan to see the largest collection of standing totem poles in the world. Watch wildlife from the bow while pulling into Resurrection Bay. Finally end in Seward, the starting point for the Iditarod dogsled race. Viking Cruises are known for their small ships, spacious staterooms, high quality entertainment and small-group excursions. For a laid-back trip with a comfortable stay and all expectations met beyond necessity, Viking is an ideal line to book for Northwest journeys.

New England With Holland America

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Board the Zaandam for a 10-day cruise up the East Coast of the United States. From Fort Lauderdale to Boston and Bar Harbor before venturing onto some of Canada's most popular destinations. Enjoy cooking shows and classes with America's Test Kitchen while spending days at sea as the first leg of the journey includes fewer days at port. Alternatively, get pampered at the world-class Greenhouse Spa and Salon with treatments that will leave passengers feeling like new upon arrival at the frequent stops toward the end of the trip. Prepare for days of sightseeing and touring the historic cities.

California Wine Country With Princess Cruises

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Board the Island or Ruby Princess ships to venture along the entire West Coast of the United States while indulging in the famous wine country of both California and Oregon. Join tastings both on and off the ship and learn with a professional about wine profiles and pairings. World-class dining, on-board activities and entertainment keep guests busy while helping them relax and unwind.

Visit Puerto Rico With Costa Cruises

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Join Costa Cruises to visit the United States' territory of Puerto Rico and its capital, San Juan. Wander the streets of the colonial city, lounge on the beaches or dance the night away while experiencing the four local cultures that meld together on shore. Learn to speak and cook Creole or visit historic landmarks. For a well-balanced trip, choose the Costa Luminosa for a transatlantic voyage that ends in Marseille. Guests will find and authentically experience a wide range of cultures during the 16-day trip. Rest and unwind on board to feel refreshed and renewed before disembarking on daylong adventures on shore to discover a lesser-visited United States destination.

Span the East Coast With Silver Sea

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To travel the East Coast more in-depth, venture to the coast's best destinations with Silver Sea, a luxury, all-inclusive line that creates an easy atmosphere for enjoying the route and ports. Stop in Portland, Maine; Newport, Connecticut; New York, New York; Norfolk, Virginia; and Charleston, South Carolina. From quaint villages and the cobblestone of colonial cities to sleek and modern stops, 14 days on the Silver Cloud showcases some of the most popular stops along the East Coast and its varied ports along the way.