A specialty cruise is perfect for seasoned cruisers and newbies alike. For regulars, a niche hobby cruise is a great way to make your next vacation stand out by picking a theme that you’re especially interested in, like cuisine or a certain music genre. Themes can be broad or very specific, like those based on entertainment classics such as Star Trek or Marvel Comics.

For a traveler new to cruising, it is a great way to ensure that your interests are met during your vacation, making it even more memorable. Take a look at these themed cruises for some vacation inspiration.

A Culinary Take on Europe

Credit: DianaRui/iStock

The award-winning cruise line Silversea Cruises is offering four different culinary cruise experiences to travelers in 2019. These “culinary voyages” range from 11 to 25 days and travel to a variety of food culture hubs, offering guests guided, food-inspired excursions, special onboard menus that highlight the local cuisine and cooking demonstrations from their chefs.

One of these options is a 12-day Northern Europe culinary experience aboard the newly refurbished Silver Cloud vessel. This epic journey departs from Lisbon, Portugal, and travels north with 11 port calls in various regions of Spain and France, ending in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Guided tours are plentiful, including a stop at Oporto, Portugal, for a riverfront dinner with a local Port wine tasting — Oporto’s namesake. Then, sample all of the delicious tapas that the ports of Spain have to offer. Later in the journey, visit a bakery for traditional French pastries in Locronan, a charming medieval village near the port in Douarnenez.

A History Lesson With a View

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For the traveling history buff, most major cruise lines offer history tidbits to curious guests — but what about an entire cruise dedicated to delving deeper into the history of a region? One of the many exciting options for history-based cruises is from the French luxury cruise line Ponant. This 14-day trip through Asia is centered around the history of World War II in the region.

This journey begins in bustling Hong Kong, China, and ends in Osaka, Japan. While catching picturesque island views, guests will be guided through the most important aspects of Chinese and Japanese history during the war, while reflecting on how it has shaped the region into what it is today. There are a series of lectures and discussions aboard the ship and at ports, all held by established historians. Guests are encouraged to meet survivors and successors in Hiroshima at the Peace Memorial during an included excursion.

A Wellness Retreat on Water

Credit: Blue World Voyages

The next cruise trend to keep an eye on — wellness cruises. For those with an active lifestyle looking not only to stick to their gym schedule but to actually turn it into part of their vacation, the new cruise line Blue World Voyages is for you.

Set to launch in May of 2019, these eco-friendly ships will have fitness studios, lap pools, sports simulators, luxury spas and sports medicine clinics. All port visits will have ample outdoor sports available to guests including hiking, cycling, water sports and world-class golf.

Offering healthy, locally-sourced food, the first cruises to sail are heading to the Mediterranean, including stops in Italy, Greece, Spain, France, Portugal, Corsica and Croatia. The company plans on expanding to Northern Europe in the near future. Be sure to grab your spot on one of these unique and affordable cruises when Blue World Voyages launches, as they’re sure to sell out quickly.

A Rockin’ Time in the Mediterranean

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Many cruise lines offer music-themed cruises of all genres, but for rock lovers and Jon Bon Jovi fans, the obvious choice is one of Norwegian Cruise Line’s “Runaway to Paradise” cruises to the Caribbean or the Mediterranean.

The Pearl is set to sail from Barcelona, Spain, to Palma, Majorca, in August 2019. The itinerary offers guests two exclusive Jon Bon Jovi performances included in their ticket price, along with a Q&A acoustic storyteller set.

Bon Jovi isn’t the only live performance during this cruise — there are multiple performances each day. Admission to any and all rock performances around the ship is included in your cruise package and travelers can visit the website for the current lineup. Get ready for four days of nonstop action on this interactive cruise experience through the crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean.

An Animal Lover’s Paradise

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National Geographic has the perfect cruise for travelers wanting a once-in-a-lifetime island hopping adventure filled with animal encounters and breathtaking views. The NG Endeavour II sets sail to the Galápagos year-round for 10-day excursions with 100 fellow travelers. Located about 1,000 kilometers off the coast of Ecuador, the Galápagos Islands offer diverse species of plants and animals that are unique to its terrain because of its seclusion.

Snorkel, scuba dive or take a ride on a glass bottom boat to see some of the unique ocean life in the area. Cruise directors will decide on which islands are visited based on the time of year, ensuring optimal animal encounter time. Who’s on the list? Sea lions, blue-footed boobies, marine iguanas, dolphins, sea turtles, flamingos and giant tortoises to name a few. Explore secluded tide pools, paddleboard along the coast, or hike to the summit of a volcano for views of the rare Galápagos penguins. This adventure is an animal enthusiast’s dream.