Whether you’re just about to head out on your next cruise, have just sailed home or are looking for your next cruising adventure, it’s always great to get some inspiration. Podcasts are a fantastic way to find out about new cruise liners, discover different destinations and get up to speed on all the top tips. Listening to a good podcast is like listening to a close friend, someone who understands your love of cruises and can inspire your next trip. We’ve picked out the five best podcasts to listen to to fuel your thirst for cruises all year round.

The Cruise Dudes

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The Cruise Dudes may be a relaxed duo, but they have a wealth of knowledge between them. Scott and Tommy, brothers-in-law, are both extremely passionate about cruising. Weekly episodes give you all the latest cruise news along with top tips and a generous splash of wit. As well as being an excellent podcast for newbies, they offer trip and port reviews from their own traveling experience. Whether you’re looking for ideas of where to go next or you just need a dose of cruising chit-chat each week, the "dudes" won't disappoint.

Essential Cruise Tips

The clue is in the title with this one. Tune in to get the very best tips about all things cruising. Created by Gary Bembridge, the Essential Cruise Trips podcast is his outlet for everything cruise-related. He boasts about having traveled every month of every year for a staggering 25 years, and he has an enormous number of cruises under his belt too. His shows are short and to the point but offer a wealth of knowledge. If you need more, he’s got a few cruise-related books that are worth a look at too.  

Cruise Radio

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Doug Parker is a radio personality and cruising enthusiast, and his show oozes charisma. The Cruise Radio podcast was initially broadcast on a radio station in Florida but can now be streamed and downloaded from most of the big podcast platforms. Each of the weekly shows has a really digestible format with tips, news and even insightful passenger reviews. With over 85,000 monthly listeners, Doug has to be doing something right.

Always Be Booked

Always Be Booked offers an excellent yet eccentric view on all things cruise related. The host, Tommy Casabona, has a pretty unique view but he couples it with straight up honest reviews. If you’re a fan of the most prominent cruise lines, then you’ll enjoy Tommy’s entertaining stories, seasoned with a few top tips. Always Be Booked is a real person’s take on cruising and what it lacks in informative content it certainly makes up for in laughs. Once you get a taste for Tommy’s humor, you’ll probably want to sign up for one of his group cruises.

Extra Pack of Peanuts

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Although not strictly cruise-specific, Extra Pack of Peanuts is an extremely popular travel podcast and well worth a listen. It focuses on helping people travel for less and is a great example of how your budget shouldn’t stop you exploring the world. Tune in to over 130 episodes and let the team explain confusing jargon, give you top tips on how to save money and inspire you with ideas for your next adventure. With invaluable tips to learn and first-hand interviews with fellow travelers, you’ll be inspired for your next trip in no time.