Whether you’re counting down the days until your next cruise or just dreaming about the destinations you might book one day in the future, there’s one thing that can help you out: cruising YouTube channels. There are a variety of YouTube channels out there that share videos with cruise hacks, cruise vlogs, cruise ship tours and more — but with so many options, it can be overwhelming to sort out which channels have the best content. Here are five that you definitely need to check out.

Royal Caribbean Blog

This YouTube channel is a treasure trove of information for anybody who is planning to sail with the cruise line. Although the channel isn’t affiliated with Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, it’s produced by people who are experts on all things Royal Caribbean. Videos range from Royal Caribbean news (like ordering a sixth Oasis Class ship) to insider tips (such as Royal Caribbean’s best tropical drinks) to tours (like a Symphony of the Seas pool deck tour).

Cruise with Ben & David

“Ahoy! We’re Ben and David,” reads the channel description on the Cruise with Ben & David YouTube channel (previously known as Honest Cruising). Ben and David’s goal is to dispel the old stereotypes of cruising. Instead, they take you along on their exciting cruises today, posting cruise tips, vlogs and ship tours for Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Line, MSC Cruises, Carnival Cruises, Celebrity Cruises, Princess Cruises and Viking Cruises. One recent video, for example, shared some of the hidden costs of cruising (such as tips, port transfers and internet). Another shared some tips for taking a Mediterranean cruise. Ben and David post videos several times a month, so subscribers can look forward to consistent content.


CruiseTipsTV is made up of ship tours, cabin tours, packing tips and any other kind of cruise tip the channel’s creators can find. Is the Princess Cruise “Future Cruises” deposit worth it? What apps can you use for cruises? How can you stay sane while cruising with your kids? CruiseTipsTV answers all of these questions and more. Food slideshows make their way onto the channel pretty often, too — such as this video that shows the grilled pineapple dessert, crab cakes, mahi-mahi with shrimp sauce and more that can be eaten on the MSC Seaside. The channel also features vlogs.

Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises has its own YouTube channel, and it’s full of resources and inspiration that will be helpful to anyone who’s planning to take a cruise soon, whether or not that cruise will be with Princess. Sometimes the videos will offer advice such as explaining cruise terms, like “Princess Cruises Explains ‘Across the Ditch’”; the phrase “across the ditch” is used to describe a journey that goes from Australia to New Zealand or vice versa. Most often, though, Princess puts out videos that will get you excited to book your next cruise — such as shots of Alaska wildlife, restaurant profiles and descriptions of what Princess shore excursions include.

Cruise Fever