Are you planning a cruise, or would you like to learn a little more about what it’s like to take a cruise? There are plenty of apps to consider that can assist. Use them to find the right cruise, schedule your itinerary and plan a much better vacation. These are the best apps for cruise lovers.

Cruise Picker

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Still trying to decide on a cruise line for your trip? Use Cruise Picker. This app makes it easy to compare cruises and cruise lines, look at ports of call and find out everything you need to know to book a cruise. You can even check out the photos taken by people on their cruises. Cruise Picker is available for Apple devices.

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Use the SicNoMore app to combat motion sickness. Available on Apple devices, this app helps you feel more stable. All you do is watch the app play out on the screen. It's designed to make those nauseous feelings go away without the aid of medication. Just take out your smartphone when you have a hint of seasickness, and use this app to relieve those feelings in minutes.

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XE Currency

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Don't end up spending more than you intended, because of confusing currency conversions. Use the XE Currency app to see how much you're spending and look at conversation rates anywhere in the world. This app provides live rates that refresh so you have accurate information.

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Ship Mate's Cruise Ship Mate is available on both Android and Apple phones, and it's touted as the most popular cruise app available. It has plenty of features. Use this app to see a roster of passengers onboard the ship with you and meet them through online forums to get together for excursions or ship activities. You can use the deck plans to design a route to navigate around the ship and check out upcoming events. You can even tap into the deck cams to get a look at what's happening at various locations around the ship.

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Cruise Line Apps

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Just about every single cruise line, from Disney to Norwegian Cruise Line, offers their own app. You can find out about excursions, onboard dining options and lots of other info that’s specific to the ship you’re on. Most of these apps can be used to check in online, browse through reviews from other passengers and get a daily schedule of everything that's available both on and off the ship.