Modern cruise lines are impressive — from extravagant worldwide cruises to skydiving on the ship deck, they are always surprising us with fun new innovations. We’ve rounded up some of the most eye-catching facts about cruise ships.

The People Aboard a Seven-Night Cruise Consume the Same Amount of Food as the Average Person Does in a Lifetime

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Imagine all of the food that you’ll eat in your lifetime. That amount is roughly the same as what a typical cruise ship will go through during a seven-night voyage. So, just how much food is that? According to Cruise Radio, almost 15,000 pounds of seafood, 35,000 pounds of meat and 80,000 pounds of fruits and vegetables will be brought aboard. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, the average person in the United States will eat about 1,996 pounds of food per year, so that’s about 156,000 pounds during the average lifespan, and the average seven-day cruise will consume about 155,000 pounds or more of food.

Does that seem like way too much? Don’t worry, there are careful calculations done by the crew to get these numbers, avoiding both wasted food and food shortages.

It Could Be Cheaper to Retire at Sea Than at a Traditional Facility

Room service, meals cooked for you, activities everyday — everything you need for retirement, all while cruising the seas? Sign us up. According to the American Seniors Housing Association, the average cost of a one-bedroom assisted living apartment was $3,628/month in 2016. If you’re a cruise enthusiast, you might know that you can find great deals with many major cruise lines, for example, around $100/night. Hypothetically, that puts you at about $3,000/month — which is less than the assisted living community. While this choice might not be practical, retiring to the open ocean does sound like a more thrilling option.

There Is a Ship so Big It Has Seven Neighborhoods

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Royal Caribbean Cruises’ addition of Symphony of the Seas to its fleet makes this cruise line the proud owner of the largest cruise ship in the world. Its maiden voyage was in April of 2018 and the ship will now be cruising multiple routes throughout the beautiful Caribbean Sea.

Symphony of the Seas has seven unique neighborhoods — the Boardwalk, Pool and Sports Zone, Central Park, Royal Promenade, Entertainment Place, Youth Zone and Vitality Spa and Fitness, with 20 different restaurants to choose from and 14 bars and lounges. Spend your day on deck with beautiful ocean views, swimming pools, a 10-story water slide and two surf simulators. A cloudy day won’t get in your way on this cruise. Try indoor ice skating, a sushi making class or choose from a variety of live performances. Keep an eye out for Royal Caribbean’s next ship — it’s expected to debut in 2021 and be even larger.

There Is an Eight-Month World Cruise Setting Sail in 2019

Viking Cruises hosts both river and oceans cruises, and this year the fleet is planning for their longest yet — a 245-day, 53 country cruise. The Viking Ultimate World Cruise departs from London in August of 2019 and provides travelers with 111 guided tours and overnight stays in 22 different locations. What’s on the itinerary? The cruise begins with ports all over the UK, heads over to North America, to the Caribbean, South America, the Pacific Ocean, Australia, Eastern Asia, the Middle East and finally finishes up in Southern Europe before heading back to England.

Tickets start at about $90,000 per person — a hefty tab to travel the world for eight months straight. While this cruise isn’t affordable for most, it sure is fun to think about.